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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How long does it take to make 2 skirts? Day 1

One is for a tree, the other is for a body. My sister, Koleen, and Paul's cousin, Mary, will be proud owners of these skirts when I'm done! Well, Koleen might have to wait a bit longer- I have to figure out if I have more gifts to make to send to MI or not first ;) .
These are the skirts I'm making: The tree skirt is for Koleen and her family and her Christmas tree. It is from Crochet today magazine, last holiday season's issue. I hope she loves it and enjoys it for many holiday seasons to come! I'm not worried about Koleen seeing her 'Christmas surprise' because she already knows it's coming.
Mary's skirt came from Stitch and Bitch crochet: the Happy Hooker a great book for learning how to crochet and for more experienced crocheters too. I have made tons of stuff out of this book. Many of the projects before I started taking pictures of everything I crochet (I don't even know how that's possible). I love this skirt. It is called the Violet Beauregard skirt, I made one for me about 2-3 years ago in red, black and white, and finally wore it for the first time to Paul's sister, Erin's, wedding on Oct. 8. I'm glad it was such a big hit :) . My hope for Mary is that she wears it lots and loves it to pieces. Not literally of course. Mary's skirt is shades of green.
So this is my first 'project in action' post. I plan to do more of these in the future and am interested in seeing how well it works out. I am also wondering if it would be better as a new post every day there is something new, or as one VERY long post that I continue adding onto. I'm thinking the former right now (hence the day 1 in the title). I have finished buying all the yarn for both projects (a bigger task than I had hoped, but I'm glad it's done). Also, today Angela returned my crochet book with Mary's skirt pattern in it, so I have everything I need! Okay, so here's what I did today:
Progress Day 1:
Mary's skirt and colors.
copyright: Cori 2010
 I worked on Koleen's tree skirt while I watched Love Actually today. A Christmas movie for a Christmas gift, I love it. There are 7 color stripes (or chunks) in this tree skirt and I finished almost 3 of them. Pretty good for the first day, I think.
copyright: Cori 2010

copyright: Cori 2010
copyright: Cori 2010

I will start Mary's skirt soon. I am also interested to see how easy it is to balance 2 projects at once while keeping a good pace on both.

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