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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Handmade House: chair slippers

Useful, fun, and cute. They protect the floor we put in ourselves, and add another little handmade cute to my house. Plus a great stash buster, and cheap. 

We have a lot of different dining room chairs, from thrift stores and sales. Keeping costs down for a stay at home mom family is important sometimes. 

Anyway, I love these cute chair and floor protectors. They just slide on the foot of the chair. Easy and effective, made just like teeny tiny hats!

And I got the yarn from my sister who got it from her friend's friend who couldn't use it because she had a ba reaction to the fiber.  Yes, I ran on and on that sentence on purpose! 

These little guys whip up quickly, and don't have to be perfect to look good, or fit on! 

What's next?  A little outer space. 

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