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Friday, January 23, 2015

Funny baby pants: monkey

I couldn't help but laugh (and need to make) these pants when I saw them on Pinterest. What I found was just a photo, so it was time to figure it out. 
I hope my guessing of size is close enough to actually fit a baby at some point in it's fast growing life! 

I made the waist band first, then worked in rounds. 

Through the monkey head, and added the legs one at a time. 

I hope they are not too short, but I figured better too short than too long for a little baby. Or a learning to walk toddler. And if they are too short, they can be easily folded up as capris. 

The front looks a little silly, but it's worth it for that monkey butt! 

What's next? Chair socks, slippers, shoes. Whatever you want to call them. 

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