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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Toddler fun: Snow Paint!

Coming up with fun, cheap things for my crazy kid to do (2 years old) is both fun and challenging! I've had dried out markers sitting in a drawer for months waiting for an idea. Kat commandeered the lids for monster fingers. 

So when I thought of snow paint, I got very excited! It's simple, washable, non toxic, and fun! Oh, and cheap!
Just soak old markers in water until the tips turn white. I left mine for about a week because I was gone, they don't need that long- probably over night would work just fine! Or you can leave them there until the next snow. 

Transfer to old water bottles with a hole stabbed in the lid. I used an awl tool to poke one hole in the center of each lid. 

Then paint away! 

Of course the best part is jumping on the colored snow! 

I had 3 bottles and 5 colors, so when 2 ran out, I reloaded with a new color. Easy! 

What's next? Homemade play dough! 

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