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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Outer Space!

I am fascinated with space. With full intension of buying a telescope asap. Kat is also very into the moon, so I wanted to incorporate space into her bedroom somehow. Welcome to her outer space corner. Complete with solar system mobile, 

Star lights, glow in the dark star stickers,
And galaxy rug! 

I just finished the stars for the rug 😀

I think it's a pretty good beginning to a space corner! 

2/3 update on solar system. Yesterday Kat and I got some sparkly star stickers. Today I added a few constellations to her walls. The Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, 
(Since the Little Dipper has the North Star in it, I made that with 2 stars together. 

And I tried to get the two as close to similar in the sky to each other as I could.)

and the Libra constellation. Pretty cool!    

I love the addition of these constellations!

What's next? In crochet: Blanket redo!

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