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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Handmade House: 4th Doctor Scarf Rug

Almost 2 months in the making. My super thick and cushy library rug! My library isn't a library yet, that comes later, but the rug is done. I'm super excited about his rug. It is pretty small, not like the Doctor's scarf, but it has the right colors, general pattern, and I crocheted it to look knit, just like the real scarf. I learned the camel stitch to make this rug. It is a front post half double crochet stitch. It makes a ball of yarn go only about half as far as a standard stich (or even a fpdc) but also makes it about twice as thick. This is a heavy rug! I know my cats like it. 
Anyway, I'm a big geek and I'm scattering Dr. Who all through my house. This rug is my latest addition. Love it. 

What's next? Funny baby pants. 

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