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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting back into the stitch of things: Spoiler Alert!

I have not crocheted anything for quite a long time (other than the thing wigs)! I was completely at a loss for Christmas ideas, and feeling very lazy. Then I went to MI to visit family, and ended up with a list of projects! Naturally, this inspired me to want to crochet things for myself I have wanted to make
- a sweater for example, now there is no time! Ha!
Anyway, here's the spoiler! Mia says she wants a new winter hat, like a panda or cookie monster, then I find the most adorable owl hat, and decide to make a matching one for Gabriel. They are so cute! The day after I finished, an ex-starbucks partner comes in with her baby, and she is wearing the same hat I just finished making! HaHa! --that deserves a double ha :)
copyright: Cori 2011

I tell Doni I'm making a stocking for Bennett that matches the ones I made for the rest of them, and she asks if I can make stuffed animals- Yes! I say! A lion, monkey, hippo and giraffe.
Jessica asked if I could make a baby hat with a beard. hehe, so silly, clever and cute.
note to self: I must ask Bridge if she still wants that baby sweater.
And I'm making a baby blanket for a friend.
I love having projects to complete!! (and of course, a reason to buy new yarn)!

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  1. The kids are sitting right behind me as I am reading this... They didn't notice a thing!! So cute, I know they are going to love them.