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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is all about love. Paul and I usually spend a bit more on food than we normally would, and make a fancyish dinner together. That is our plan this year as well. 
When Valentine's Day is in the air, I think I see hearts all over more than usual. So here's some heart love for you. 

I also make more heart things. Kat is cupcake crazy! So of course there are cupcakes involved. 
Dye some of the batter with food coloring, put 3-4 drops on each cupcake using a medicine syringe or a small spoon, drag a toothpick in a circle through the center of each color drop to create the heart shape. Bake as directed. 

• I may have put my drops a little too close to the edge. A little nearer the center would be better, I think. 

Then I made a heart with blocks (the current favorite toy) to try to take some cutie Valentine's Day pictures. 

Because Kat is 2, she wasn't so into the idea. 

Then I bribed her with a cupcake. 
Good job, Kat, thanks!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

What's next? Smoked turkey. 

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