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Friday, February 3, 2012

Where is Winter?

I know I possibly shouldn't be asking this question, or perhaps I should be knocking on wood... Winter is nowhere to be found this year. It's not here anyway. It makes me even more sad for the Polar Bears, and so many other endangered species, to see the spread of what we humans have done to the planet. Last year we had blizzard conditions, and this year just 2 little snows. My feeling is that there still is time for a giant blizzard to sneak up on us- it's not even Valentine's Day yet. But even if that happens, it will be the most mild Winter I have ever seen. One morning of surprise ice on my car, and one 2 day snow/ice cover. That's it, the rest has been sun and green grass.
copyright: Cori 2012
copyright: Cori 2012
copyright: Cori 2012

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