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Sunday, February 19, 2012

cookies! ginger

I want cookies, Honey, could you make cookies soon? -Paul
What kind? I ask, he doesn't care.
I've been wanting to try these Giant Ginger Cookies I saw a while ago, and we are soon making our Valentine's Day meal, which has a sizable piece of ginger in it. Sounds like a plan!
I am simply calling them ginger cookies, because I make all my cookies giant! Well, except cut out cookies. Anyway, I like big, soft cookies. Yum!

copyright: Cori 2012
Cookies are sugar, flour, flavor, and fat. When you are lactose intolerant, and your husband dies from dairy, you have to get creative when a recipe calls for all butter fat. Fleischmann's unsalted margarine is our favorite, but sometimes we can't find that, and we have to settle for some sad 52% fat margarine just so it doesn't have milk hiding in it. A lot of times the best thing to do is mix 1/2 margarine 1/2 shortening (Crisco). This is what I did for this recipe, and my cookies are very, very soft I'm happy to say.
copyright: Cori 2012
 A funny thing happened while I was making the dough. I decided I only wanted 1/2 a batch. I didn't think Paul and I really needed a whole batch of these giant cookies, which is really double compared to normal size cookie recipes. So I was very carefully measuring out 1/2 the flour, and I got it perfect. Then after I mixed everything together, I thought the dough was awfully floury. Only to realize, I very carefully had put in a 1/4 cup too much flour. Ha! I'm not the math guy of the family :) Actually, I had figured out the right amount, I just forgot by the time I went to measure it.
copyright: Cori 2012
So I made the rest of the dough, and a full batch of giant cookies! Which is good, because as it turns out, our roommate likes them. He almost never eats anything we eat. So, hooray to lots of cookies :)

copyright: Cori 2012

copyright: Cori 2012

copyright: Cori 2012

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  1. So funny, I just made ginger cookies last week! They look delicious!