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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm a crocheter

I love to crochet; to create something from a ball of yarn and a hook is amazing to me. I love to crochet gifts and cat toys and things for myself. I once made Paul a tie- that didn't go over so well, but he does love his monkey slippers :) I will revamp the tie though, and maybe somebody will like it.
I finally started my very own Etsy shop and it's very exciting! My crochet is no longer only available to those I know, but also to strangers who want to pretty/fun their lives up a bit :)
Etsy is amazing because it celebrates handmade goods and the people who make them.
I also have an account on ravelry but you need to have an account yourself to be able to see it. Ravelry is my favorite knit and crochet community on line. There are so many patterns (both free and for sale) of almost anything you can think of, and it is a perfect place to share (with other hand-makers) your progress and feelings- plus pictures and archives of finished projects- about the projects you're making. This is where you can find spoilers of the current gifts I'm working on: (Don't look in the closet, it's not in the spirit of the holiday).
My other favorite thing in the world of crochet is Crochet today! magazine. It has 20ish patterns every issue (1 every 2 months) and is very reasonably priced- especially if you subscribe online. You can also go through old patterns online and order back issues of the magazine for a discount. They also include charity programs and tips and how-to instructions, letters from readers and favorites from the editor. It is an excellent magazine and I get very excited when I see my new issue in my mailbox- I'm very thankful to my sister for getting me the subscription for my birthday!
There are a couple charity programs I am going to take part in that I found in crochet today, my favorite of which is the mother bear project.
I'm also excited to be able to put progress of crochet projects on my blog (which I will never do for a gift I am making). With charity projects, etsy orders, or things I'm making for myself, however, I will certainly have some posts!


  1. Aww I feel so proud :) you're awesome!

  2. I enjoy reading your posts. I love your writing style!