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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

it's beginning to feel a lot like... the holidays!

I know you've heard this before, but Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday ever! It's all about food and family! Cooking, eating, drinking, and relaxation: it is the best! Every year Paul's sister, Amy, comes to visit from college in NYC and we cook and eat and relax all day, I love it! Right now I am planning how to make way too much yummy, yummy food in the proper order so it will all taste the most delicious when the turkey is ready- the deciding factor in a Thanksgiving dinner. We will make it in 2 days so we don't have to rush too much to finish any one thing (only the appropriate amount of Thanksgiving rushing :) ). Day 1 is pies, cranberry sauce and bread. Day 2 is everything else- turkey, stuffing, potatoes (mashed for Amy, roasted for Paul), vegetable (green beans and/or broccoli and/or asparagus), gravy- except the one year when the gravy totally turned into a jelly mess (it was awful and funny). Next week! I can't wait :)
This is last year's dinner... yum!
copyright: Cori 2010
This year is super exciting for more reasons too! Amy is coming here for her birthday AND Christmas this year too :) . This is a special birthday year- Amy and Paul's birthdays are a day apart- Amy is turning 21, and Paul is turning 30! And then Christmas is just around the corner. I know I've been saying this a lot, but I'm really excited about the end of this year! :)


  1. I am glad you are going to have such a great last few months of this year. I will be missing you at Christmas time though!!!

  2. Yes, I will miss all of you too!

  3. I was just focusing on the positive, not the sad parts. Love you!