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Friday, July 24, 2015

Hand tips

When I first started crocheting, I got hand cramps easily and often. I didn't have a comfortable way of holding the yarn, or the hook.
Then I learned a yarn holding trick from my mom. I figured out the whole process was more like driving than tug of war. When driving you don't grip the steering wheel, you hold it steady and lightly. Same here.

So here are a few hand holding tips to make your crochet easier and more smooth if they help you out.
Hold the hook in your dominate hand. I hold mine like a pencil.
 Weave the yarn through your non-dominate fingers; index to pinky, over under over under. I keep the yarn near or above my middle knuckle; my mom keeps hers all the way at the bottom of her fingers, this is all about your preference- whatever is comfortable for you.
Keep working yarn (ball) farther on the non-dominate side, so it's not crossing your body.
As you are working the first row after the chain foundation, hold your work lightly through your hand with your dominate ring and pinky fingers just until it's big enough to easily let go. While at the same time holding the chain you are working in with your thumb and index finger to pull up your next loop.

As you continue to work, the yarn should easily flow from the ball (I frequently create some slack to work from) through your weaved fingers and to the crocheted piece you are working. One smooth motion of yarn.  

So, if these tips are helpful to you, please leave a comment, and I will continue to give my little tips. 


  1. I love your tips! They helped me for sure. I think I have my crazy hand muscles from gripping too much. lol!

  2. Great post, Cori! I didn't realize that I grab the chain (or piece as it gets bigger) as I go along. I grab it with my ring finger and press it to the palm of my hand as I bring up the next loop.